Station Fire Base Camp a/o 9-3-09

CERT Command Post

CERT Command Post.

CERT Command Post

CERT Command Post, now with large shade structure and a huge table of snacks, all donated by local businesses. Thanks!!!


chow tent station fire

Chow Tent, Fire Fighters and Support Personnel on left, Inmates (orange jumpsuits) who were also on the firelines are on right.

media parking

Media Parking in front of the red Information Services Los Angeles Fire Department truck- all media updates are presented here.

info trailer for media

Part of the media update area.

media conference area

This is the area where all press conferences and media updates are held, including the ones given by the Governor. This photo was taken shortly before the 6:00 pm update was conducted.

media's fire map

This is the map, updated every day, that charts the path and containment progress of the fire that is presented to the media.

Base Camp Support

There were about 4 rows, double sided, of support trailers and rigs that made up the brains of the fire support base camp.

Sheriff Communication command

On the left, the big green semi is the Sheriff's department communications hub.

fire map

This is the map used by the commanders to update the fire fighting teams.


Water. There were signs all over the camp:
4 h2o = 1 Gatorade
(4 bottles of water for every bottle of Gatorade)

Other signs had a drawing of an "energy drink" with a slash through it- NO ENERGY DRINKS! They are filled with dehydrating caffeine.

Fire Equipment

Typical row of fire equipment and some fire fighters waiting to go back out.

Fire Equipment

More fire equipment and fire fighters.

Hot Shots

The Interagency Hotshot Crew is dispatched on an hours notice to go from one fire to another.

Fire Equipment

More rigs and equipment.

Sleeper Units

Sleeper units for the fire fighters to the left. To the right are the shower facilities-not proper to take photos of that, even though everyone was dressed.


These tents were all over, though not near as many as on Sunday. There was a sign that said do not enter. I was told past the sign these tents were for inmates, but I am not certain. There were also many of these tents scattered around inside the main perimeter.