Long time, no post... Where have the past 2 ½ years gone? As with all of you, life has been anything but dull but I’m happy to be back. Hang on, this will be a bumpy ride…one of the drama’s that consumed a great deal of our time and hard-earned money had to do with something as simple as dog food (can you say money pit?). In July of 2010, with advise from Shelby’s trainer, we switched her dog food to Blue Buffalo’s Dog 24# Wilderness Chicken. (Yes, we transitioned her slowly.) The trainer said it was better for her and like all doggie parents we wanted to keep our girl healthy. Big mistake! And so began the nightmare … mostly Shelby’s but ours as well.

A girl needs her friends when she is sick
The new dog food made her very ill. She started drinking huge amounts of water and we didn’t know why. She’s never had an “accident” in our home and we were taken back when all of a sudden she became lethargic and began urinating…constantly…in our living room. As you can only imagine the smell was horrific. Sensing this wasn’t merely a “mistake,” we knew something was very wrong. We took her to the vet, told him what had happened and he told us to take her off the new dog food immediately. Fortunately, after about a week she was feeling better and her energy returned. However, because the smell lingered, she would occasionally use the living room carpet as her personal pee-pad. In doing research online we found that this had been happening to other dogs as well. It was bad enough that Blue Buffalo finally recalled the food. The recall notice can be found on their website at: http://bluebuffalo.com/news/vitamin-d-voluntary-recall or download the PDF Screen Grab version (Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall Notice PDF). We submitted our claim as outlined on their website. The claim included the purchase confirmation from Petco, documentation and letter from our vet plus photos of the ruined carpet. We eventually heard back from the company’s lawyer stating that Blue Buffalo’s vet didn't believe us and turned down the claim. The good news is we caught the problem in time and Shelby did recover. The bad news is the needless expense in getting her well, having professional carpet cleaners try and do their magic (to no avail) and finally having to replace the carpeting (including part of the sub floor) in the living room at a cost exceeding $3,000…a floor that had many more years of use before requiring an update. We have since re-submitted the claim to Richard E. MacLean, Blue Buffalo's lawyer (at his invitation.) We did not hear anything so resubmitted the materials this time with a copy to Bill Bishop, Blue Buffalo’s President. We included more photos of the damage as well as additional documentation from our vet. We received confirmation they both received the materials but it appears they have decided to ignore us all together. That was in November of 2011. To this day, we haven’t heard a word from them. Why would this company recall their own dog food, knowing it was making dogs sick, and then ignore consumer’s claims. Yes, I have seen they have covered vet bills, but for us, that was the least of the expense. It’s not as though we’re suing for a large amount of money. We just want them to reimburse our out-of-pocket expenses for selling a bad product that made dogs sick. I cannot help but wonder how many other dog parents are out there that have had harm come to their dogs with Blue Buffalo who: 1) Never learned of the recall, or 2) Were also ignored and/or turned down. Needless to say, this whole process with Blue Buffalo has been maddening, frustrating and disappointing. I say shame on Blue Buffalo for dismissing a customer’s grievance. Their lack of response for their customers is egregious. What do you think? Have you had a similar experience? stains to subfloor caused by recalled Blue Buffalo dog food Stains to subfloor.