Shilo is a first time author with E-mails from Shilo. Shilo lived in Southern California with his adopted Mom and Dad, however, his early puppyhood is mostly unknown.

Shilo was largely self educated. His hobbies were eating, sleeping, and chasing squirrels. Long walks and swimming were his passion. He supported all animals ready to help their human companions and dedicated his book to them and those humans who help the animals of the world.

He was a beautiful spirit and companion. He passed away on Monday, Aug. 10, 2009. He is sorely missed by Bob and Susan. They know, however, that he is joyfully playing at the Rainbow Bridge, and swimming all the time, his one true passion. (Read Bob's beautiful eulogy.)

Susan Lustig

Translator and Book Designer

Susan lives with her husband Bob Dahl in Southern California. Bob and Susan adopted Shilo when he was three years old from a Golden Retriever rescue group in Riverside, CA. After coming across some strange, seemingly encrypted files on her computer, she set off to find a program which could decipher these files, only to discover they were the writings of her very own Shilo. Adding photos to help supplement the story, she is proud to help her dog let other canines know about the history of the dog and wolf kingdom. In the interest of full disclosure, Susan wants to emphasize that she let the decryption software do most of the work, but some editing was necessary.

With a BFA from Southern Methodist University and a MFA from New York University in theatre design, Susan has spent years creating and producing theme park attractions for such companies as Universal Studios and Disney. Lately she is designing graphics and websites (Acme Digital Design), and of course doing dog language translations.

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    Hey your mommy might remember me. I went to SMU with Susan way back in the day. Good ol’ SMU Theater Dept. Maybe she will email me back! Love Katie

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