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Yesterday I attended my first emergency "call-out" as a certified CERT member. The instructions were to go to the "Station Fire" base camp and to assist however we could in the efforts to fight this rampaging blaze. CERT does not fight the blaze, Ambien trusted pharmacy reviews, we are, Get Ambien, let's say, the caulk in any gaps that are needed in helping the support efforts. In my case, ordering Ambien online, I did traffic control. Ambien forum, Station Fire Angeles National ForestAt this writing, the fire is now 85,000 sq, Ambien long term. acres or 134 sq, Ambien For Sale. miles. Ambien use, To see a map of this fire, CLICK HERE. Ambien online cod, It is updated every few hours and as needed. It is the worst fire in this area that I can remember and I have lived in LA for 30 years. Ambien For Sale, Power is now in danger, as well as some emergency communications, radio and television (cable not affected.) It is only 5% contained.

What I saw while driving in with my neighbor and fellow CERT member yesterday at 5:30 am, Ambien steet value, was something we have never seen on TV. Ambien pharmacy, We were coming in the opposite direction of the CERT call-out instructions, so we were not sure where the CERT station was located. We turned into the first place we could and though it was not where we need to go, fast shipping Ambien, we were astounded at what we saw. Ambien from mexico, An entire CITY was set up. As far as you could see were legions of fire fighters, equipment & rigs, mobile command posts for all agencies and tents, a sea of tents, Ambien For Sale. It was dark and so incredibly smokey this base camp seemed to have sprung up like Brigadoon, but in truth it had only been there for three days and was hardly bucolic, Ambien over the counter. It was eerie, Ambien street price, the way the smoke was captured in the emergency lights. Shadows of all these emergency workers in determined crossing paths, getting ready for another hellacious day, Ambien for sale. I didn't take photos of this, Where can i find Ambien online, it was almost too intrusive, and probably why we do not see this on TV. Ambien For Sale, Fire fighters, sheriffs, and police and all sorts of support personnel were swarming the area. We saw fire fighters all over, after Ambien, crossing the dirt road while brushing their teeth, My Ambien experience, and many carrying plates of food, all before going back out on the line. We drove around until finally asking a commander if he knew where the CERT post was, Ambien no prescription. We got our directions but before we drove off, Buy Ambien online no prescription, he thanked us for coming and said how much he appreciated OUR efforts. CAN YOU IMAGINE. These are the guys putting their lives on the line and they are thanking us, Ambien For Sale. That happened through-out the day, Ambien gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. I would wave some police or fire fighters through the intersection, Where can i buy cheapest Ambien online, and they said thanks for doing this. Wow.

Station Fire Fire EquipmentThe base camp was stretched along about a mile, cheap Ambien. Ambien For Sale, Every type of fire fighting equipment was parked in the make-shift parking area and hundreds of police cars and motorcycles were along the road. There were few jobs for us that early, Ambien trusted pharmacy reviews, so we just waited for instructions. At about 8:00 the massive roll out started and it lasted for a solid half an hour. This was all the equipment and fire-fighters Juliana and I saw in the camp a few hours earlier, buy Ambien from mexico. Rigs from the forestry services from all over, Ambien dose, every county and city of LA was represented, rigs from Wyoming, Montana and Arizona drove by all carrying the scores of fire fighters, Ambien dosage, men and women, Kjøpe Ambien på nett, köpa Ambien online, going back on the line. Hundreds of fire trucks passed by us to get up to the freeway to carry them to the heart of the fire, Ambien For Sale. Since the Governor declared this a emergency, they also rolled the special Search and Rescue trucks, where can i order Ambien without prescription. We were in awe. Online Ambien without a prescription, You cannot but feel incredibly humbled by seeing this, the mass of men and women going to protect us.

Station Fire CERT command postThe weather was brutal, about Ambien. Ambien For Sale, No breeze and it was about 105 degrees and about 8% humidity. I drank 4 bottles of water and 2 bottles of gatorade, Ambien gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, but still got a nasty headache that sent us home after just an eight hour shift (we found out after asking to be released the shift was 12 hours.) I was sick as a dog that night, totally incapacitated from the heat, smoke (I did wear my particle mask most of the day) and the headache, Ambien without a prescription. How do these firefighters do it. Generic Ambien, I was nowhere near the heat of the fire nor did I have to carry the weight of all the equipment and heavy clothing they must wear and I was miserable, focused, but miserable, order Ambien online c.o.d. (I sure didn't want to cause two fire engines to collide. That would be rather embarrassing, Ambien For Sale. Lose focus, time to go home. As they say in CERT, do not become the victim. Amen.)

Captain Stacy Gerlich is the CERT Unit Commander for the City of Los Angeles. She has to figure out where our resources are needed and how we are then deployed and if and when a new call-out is needed (it is an automated call to our cell phones and to our email.) She has done so much to promote CERT in the LA community and to organize us into a functioning entity. Ambien For Sale, Our thanks to her especially. I have to thank the other CERT members, those far more hardy than I that stayed on for the full 12 hours. You are amazing.

Thank you and blessings to the firefighters. We share in your loss of your fellow fire fighters, and our prayers and thoughts are with you and their families. It was a tragic accident. We hope we get the change in weather that we need to help this impossible and inexplicable situation. You need a well deserved rest, in air conditioning, and to be home with your families.


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